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  Dr. Reimi Kinoshita -

Dr Reimi graduated from the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom in 1990. She worked in small animal practice for 2 years before joining Ocean Park Hong Kong where she was Chief Veterinarian & Genneral Cutator, and Research Veterinarian until 2007. Since 1998 she also worked prat-time in small animal practice and in 2003 completed a research degree in melioidosis (an infectious disease) in marine mammals.

Reimi has always known she wanted to be a veterinarian and is passionate about working and helping animals. She has 2 mongrel dogs and an active daughter who all keep her private life colourful and busy! She is an invited member of the veterinary and cetacean specialists groups of the IUCN (The World Conservation Union). Her professional interests are in wildlife, ultrasonography and internal medicine.

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