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  Dr. Hilary Lam -

Hilary obtained a veterinary degree at University of Melbourne in 2009 and joined the team in 2010. Despite the busy schedule at the clinic, she completed a Postgraduate Certificate in the discipline in small animal internal medicine. In year 2014, she received a Master of Veterinary Science (Small Animal Practice) from Murdoch University, Western Australia majoring in dermatology and surgery. Currently, she is planning to do continued educational training in feline medicine and small animal dentistry.

Her most memorable experiences working with animals includes assisting biomedical material research surgery in a sheep during clinical rotations in the Weribee Campus and participating in capture and release program of rhesus macaques at Kam Shan Country Park, Kong Kong.

During her leisure time, she enjoys travelling, craft making and spending time with her adorable little black cat and dwarf bunny. 

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