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In-House Endoscopy

A sophisticated video endoscopic unit is utilized to enhance our diagnostic capabilities. This flexible
fiberoptic instrument allows visual examination of internal organs and body parts. An endoscope consists of a long, flexible insertion tube with a bending tip at the end that enters the body, an eyepiece for viewing, and a control section. Endoscopy is an examination of the esophagus, stomach and upper intestines, a minimally invasive diagnostic and surgical approach.

Our clinic also equipped with a rigid endoscope which do not bend as the flexible endoscope. It is used for accessment of nasal cavity disease through rhinoscopy. Rhinoscopy allows an integral accessment of cancer, fungal infection, foreign body and allergic rhinitis wihin the nasal cavity. 

Rigid endoscopy is also used for cystoscopy to exam the urogenital tract to detect underlying problem such as recurrent urinary tract infection and incontinence problem.



Happy Valley Veterinary Clinic is a Cat Friendly Practice!

A Cat Friendly Practice (CFP) is committed to learning ways to make the visit more pleasant for your cats and to help you learn ways that you can contribute also. A Cat Friendly Practice has adapted an environment that is less stressful to cats and meets the cat’s unique needs. A Cat Friendly Practice also values your contribution to your cat’s healthcare plan and will make every effort to help understand your cats’ needs and help you learn what you can do at home to ensure that they get the care they need.HappyValleyVeterinary Clinic & Hospital is proud to announce that it is recognized by the AAFP as a Cat Friendly Practice.

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