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Eye Specialist Consultation and Surgery Service

Eye Surgery – Dr. Michael Edward Bernays BVSc FACVS (Specialist in Ophthalmology)

With over 30 years of dedicated and fine, delicate skill, Dr Mike Bernays is our Ophthalmologist at HVVC. He has performed numerous eye surgeries and procedures i.e. Cataracts, Entropian, Corneoscleral Transposition, Pedicle Graft and Electroretinogram (ERG), just to name a few. Dr Mike provides our clients and those referred by other vet clinics from HK with detailed consultations in dealing with all matters of the eye.








Happy Valley Veterinary Clinic is a Cat Friendly Practice!

A Cat Friendly Practice (CFP) is committed to learning ways to make the visit more pleasant for your cats and to help you learn ways that you can contribute also. A Cat Friendly Practice has adapted an environment that is less stressful to cats and meets the cat’s unique needs. A Cat Friendly Practice also values your contribution to your cat’s healthcare plan and will make every effort to help understand your cats’ needs and help you learn what you can do at home to ensure that they get the care they need.HappyValleyVeterinary Clinic & Hospital is proud to announce that it is recognized by the AAFP as a Cat Friendly Practice.

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