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A "CT" or "CAT" scan is the term used to describe an x-ray technique known as "computerized tomography" (or computed axial tomography). CT can see inside the brain and other parts of the body, into areas that cannot be seen on regular x-ray examinations.

We understand that when your beloved pet, whom you care so much about, needs advanced medical technology that can really make a difference, we at HVVC are proud to introduce the first ever, Animal CT Scan in HK.

What is Computed Tomography (CT) ?
Computed Tomography, is a noninvasive, painless and relatively quick medical test. Using special x-ray equipment, CT graphical images are obtained by rotating an x-ray tube around the body of the patient, while multiple exposures are recorded on an array of x-ray detectors. These scanned images are then joined together to form a three-dimensional graphical cross-section, or “slice” of body tissues and internal organs. CT imaging is used in Veterinary medicine as a diagnostic tool and as a guide for interventional procedures. It serves to be particularly useful for a wide variety of detailed applications and is one of the best investigation methods for studying the body.

What are some common uses of CT scanning ?
CT scans can provide detailed information on just about every body part.

Common areas examined by CT scan include
Head Brain Abdomen Heart Chest Ear Sinuses Lungs Spine, and Pelvis
(Hips, Reproductive
Systems, Bladder)

                                                                                                                                   CT with Elsa
Computed tomography scans show the follows:

  • Soft tissue
  • Bone tissue
  • Internal organs
  • Muscle
  • Tumors

There are many instances in Veterinary medicine where CT aids in diagnosis of tumors and how far it has spread. It is especially helpful in diagnosing brain and nasal tumors, as these are virtually to impossible to image using plain radiography. With CT, we would have the exact location and extent of these tumors. CT imaging facilitates the attending veterinarian to decide on the best treatment for a patient, and determine whether the cancer is responding to treatment.

CT can be useful in situations where a medical condition is known and where further medical action is required. Such situations include:

  • Plan and properly administer cancer treatments
  • Planning a surgery and determine surgical respectability
  • Guiding a needle to obtain a biopsy (tissue sample)

Preparation / Procedures of a CT Scan:
Your pet will have to remain still during the scanning process for the best quality images. Therefore general anesthetic or perhaps sedation is required. You are to refrain from feeding your pet for 10 hours before examination. Patients with increased anesthetic risk are strongly recommended to have a blood profile prior to the scan. During the procedure, routine medical devices will monitor the patient’s breathing, heart rate, etc., while simultaneously, the technologist observes through a lead-lined glass window. In some cases, it is necessary to give an IV (contrast) agent to help identify certain structures more precisely.

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